Acting as a design consultancy for you in delivering insurance services 

We provide market analysis and insight, assist with your proposition development and help you to design the correct structure for your insurance, claims, digital and other service requirements.

As part of this service, we can also assist with tender submissions, advise on partner selection, as well as advise on and arrange provision of underwriting capacity.

We will work to your timelines.

Insurance products and services:

  • Drive-away insurance
  • Annual motor cover
  • Gap insurance
  • MOT insurance
  • Key cover
  • Excess protection
  • Recovery and storage
  • Legal expenses
  • Standard and commercial motor breakdown services
  • Annual motor and household insurance through our network of broker and insurer partners

Run off services and policy administration

Saving insurers significant resources

As well as acting as Third Party Administrators on live books of business, Connexus Insurance Solutions (along with its legal service partners) are able to provide multi–disciplinary services within the confines of one 24/7 IVR telephone facility.

This can save insurers significant funds in terms of management, compliance, audit and control of multiple TPAs.

In recent years, we have successfully dealt with a contract containing over 1 million policies from cradle to grave. Providing all aspects of required services, these included but were not limited to the policy administration on a daily basis, historic and FNOL claims services, legal support, financial management and the complete integration of the policy and claim database into our own systems. By integrating the data in this way, we were able to cleanse & validate the data to provide high level financial reporting, live data feeds providing full claims data and reporting functions and a highly competitive reserve reduction on settled cases.

As well as managing a panel of over 20 law firms externally across Europe, Connexus dealt with new claims reported during these three years in the areas of Motor, Employers Liability, Property and Professional Indemnity Risks, allowing a continuous free flowing work model that also protects the customer journey.

On a separate run off scheme, Connexus took over the policy administration of a significant multi-broker legacy book of fleet and single vehicle motor risks where the previous administrator ceased trading without warning.

Within a week of instruction, Connexus set up all lines of communication with both existing policy holders and acting brokers, the data was cleansed, validated and imported into our bespoke systems, created a rating system to ensure MTA’S and cancellations and general policy changes could be implemented as well as collection and repayment of premium,  all without loss of reputation or financial detriment to the capacity provider.

Complete range of administration & run off services

  • 24/7 FNOL services
  • Sanctions & Financial checks
  • Mid/HPI searches
  • Full end to end claims services across all liability products: Employers Liability, Property, Casualty  Disease, Commercial, Fleet, Motor and Taxi claims
  • Policy administration to include policy validation and indemnity enquiries, MTAs cancellation, NCDs
  • Provision of multi IVR facilities and emails for brokers and policyholders.
  • Supervision of legal panel
  • Provision of Legal services
  • Detailed MI provided real time file access for audit
  • Full Disaster recovery suite available.
  • On motor – FNOL, credit hire validation and defence; engineering services; full repair management, defence of TP claims intervention and capture. Fund management via Trust Accounts in name of insurer.
  • Household and Property services facilities including full supplier network available.
  • Full and comprehensive bordereau submission to suit requirements of insurer.
  • Periodical Payment Order management.
  • Data analysis and assistance with audit of insurer and legal services books.
  • Competitive charging rate with guaranteed fixed fees.