This work has been delivered through Connexus Insurance Solutions, Lawshield UK, Connexus Hire Solutions, Performance Car Hire and KLS Law.

In recent years direct intervention supply has become an ever increasing part of The Connexus Group activity and we now service five insurers, as well as various MGAs. We also service large international corporate customers carrying large deductibles in relation to providing intervention, validation and defence packages.

Our digital team are able to work swiftly to analyse and transfer data from yourselves or another TPA to assist in commencing the scheme. 

To avoid fraud we have access to sophisticated software and cooperate with other insurers.

Don’t settle for mediocre results in this area – make the change.

Management of Credit Hire claims

A unique approach to the defence of credit hire; savings you can measure.

"We believe it is time for insurers to have more choice when deciding on an outsourced partner to manage claims for credit hire."

The Connexus Group has been effectively managing credit hire claims on behalf of Insurers for over 20 years. In recent years the validation and defence of third party credit hire claims has either been dealt with internally by insurers, or outsourced to four or five primary organisations. There has been little change in the approach of these businesses save for one or two minor technological advantages.

We believe that the defence of credit hire claims requires a multi-disciplinary approach involving experienced claims hire operatives, engineers, repairers, hire providers, lawyers and IT and digital staff, working together and supported by cutting-edge technology to deliver the following services:

Bulk transfer of data, allocation and data management.

Claims handlers and engineers who manage the repair process and understand the sourcing of parts and repair process to assess validity of hire.

Technology to identify vehicle type, age, value, ABI grouping, near equivalents and BHR rating.

Hire businesses that can demonstrate an ability to source and provide standard, specialist and prestige vehicles nationally on the day of request.

A specialist credit hire legal team that focusses solely on this area.

The businesses who currently dominate in this arena have some of the multi-disciplinary requirements highlighted above but few, if any, have all of them. CHOs take advantage of this by exploiting delays caused by disparate organisations having to provide the information to defend credit hire claims. As a result there is often a disconnect between insurer and outsourced agency resulting in claims that are not properly reserved, delays in disposal of the claim and insurers paying more in legal costs than is required.

At Connexus we believe in complete transparency and that measure of performance is the key to our insurer client having confidence in our ability to manage credit hire claims.

As well as our ability to provide a multi-disciplinary approach, we satisfy our insurers by:

Complying with ISO27001 so Insurers can be sure their data is safe.

Providing a FileView login which allows insurers real–time access to all aspects of the claim.

A specialist digital team to manage information and data transfer.

MI from all sections coordinated in one bespoke report.

Fixed fees.

Accurate reserving from day one.

The correct hosting and disaster recovery arrangements.

In recent years, direct intervention has become an ever-increasing part of Connexus Group activity and we now service 5 insurers as well as MGAs and large international corporate customers carrying large deductibles in relation to providing intervention, validation and defence packages.
There are now fewer TPAs and so many are growing rapidly by acquisition, which does not assist insurers who require a quality and consistent service.

Connexus has grown organically ensuring continuity and staff retention is high at 95%+.

This enables us to be efficient and have the necessary attention to detail, which is so important in an arena where mistakes can be expensive. We still give our clients personal attention right from the top, but underpin our efforts with IT development and digital expertise, enabling us to manage volume but still retain an emphasis on customer care. 

With an experienced team of insurance and legal professionals, combining services and saving costs at Connexus Group will see you will benefit from:

  • Liability knowledge of strong experienced team able to determine “fault claims”
  • Out of Hours service to support intervention and capture
  • Validation services
  • Discounted hire facility where courtesy car not available or unsuitable for TP needs
  • Personal injury capture for management and rehabilitation facility for injured party via Connexus Medical Appointments
  • Personal Injury discharge process in place
  • All intervention calls recorded and documented to assist with evidence gathering
  • Copley process successfully tested in court in place
  • National engineering services in place or we utilise yours
  • We are Lloyd’s Cover holders and have knowledge of and approval from a number of Lloyd’s syndicates