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Multi disciplinary approach

The Connexus Group provides a comprehensive package of benefits supported by experienced staff and state of the art technology to assist you from the minute an incident occurs until the conclusion of a claim when you recover your sub-deductible losses.

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We offer more in terms of risk assessment, medical intervention and rehabilitation, legal services and bespoke management information.

In order to ensure that the service we provide will work for you we have an experienced implementation team that will review your existing arrangements without obligation and devise a set of clear objectives to improve your claims management. In this way we will build a bespoke package of benefits appropriate for your fleet and ensure a smooth transition.

We will also agree to manage any outstanding claims for sub-deductible losses on favourable terms and resolve those for you. Continue reading to find out more about the additional services we provide.

For more information, call 0333 043 3797

First Notification of Loss

The first notification of loss is a key and critical step to managing the overall cost of a claim whether your driver is at fault or not.

It is at this stage that many businesses incur heavy costs particularly with third party claims because credit repair and hire bills may significantly exceed the costs you would incur if we were able to manage the claim within your fixed costs repair environment and via a spot hire rate where we can secure significant discounts.

We can help you ensure early FNOL by using our on line claims technology platform which enables on line claims reporting and on line case tracking. We can also arrange a branded mobile application for use by your drivers or we can work with any hand held device which you presently use to manager data transfer.

Our internal technology enables us to take on the scene videos via your drivers phone (with their consent) and upload that information so we are able to assist with early decisions on liability being made by us or your insurer depending on the arrangements you have in place.

Fraud detection facilities using voice recognition technology is also available to isolate claims that may be the subject of an attempted fraud on your company.

Own Damage Claims

The Connexus Group has a national network of repairers throughout the UK to assist with the repair of your standard, specialist, commercial and prestige vehicles. We recognise that every minute of vehicle downtime is costing you money.

Accordingly we allocate a personal case manager for every claim to ensure that each step of the process until the vehicle is returned to you is managed and our software allows you to track that repair real time online so you can plan how long the vehicle will be off the road at the touch of a button.

You will be able to see all documents including the estimate and engineers report in respect of any vehicle under our care.
The repairers are manufacturer approved and will are managed by our own team of engineers who work nationally to control the cost of repairs by ensuring estimates for costs are both fair and reasonable.

We regularly check the cost of repairs to ensure that pricing reflects market rates and we use both Smart Repairs and fixed body shop repair rates to ensure that the vehicle is repaired in the most cost effective way and that “key to key” times are key to a minimum.

We ensure all repairs are carried out in accordance with manufacturers’ requirements and each repair will carry a 2 year warranty.

The Connexus Group has access to 15000 replacement vehicles and will be able to work with you to ensure that you are kept mobile whilst your vehicle is off the road.


Third Party Intervention

Including management of third party claims

If your insurance arrangements permit we will intervene on your behalf to “capture” the third party claims. If we manage to achieve this objective we will be able to save up to 40% of the cost of that claim on the sum that would be incurred if a third party claims Management Company and their legal advisors were involved.

If we receive notification late and therefore we cannot capture we will scrutinise the third party claim and protect your position by our engineers ensuring repair methods and replacement car costs were reasonable or by working with our internal law facility to fight and reject excessive claims.

Sub-deductible claims

Our internal law firm has over 25 years’ experience of pursuing the recovery of sub-deductible losses where your driver is not at fault or is only partially to blame for the accident or incident.

Many companies have significant losses of this nature on their books and if we take over management of your claims we will also take on any existing claims and recover those for you on favourable commercial terms.

We begin the process of recovery of these losses at the outset of the claims and have mature negotiating processes in place with third party insurers to make sure recoveries are expedited.


Motor Vehicle Breakdown Services

We have our own recovery fleet as well as working with three of the largest nationwide roadside recovery agents in the UK.

As well as an insured facility where you can predict the cost at the beginning of the year we can also assist you with pay as you go facilities.

If you or your clients are high profile we can arrange to take away badly damaged vehicles in covered facilities and our suppliers are used to dealing with hazardous materials assisting in the removal of HGV’s and refrigerated vehicles.

Management Information

We recognise that MI is key to your being able to organise your fleet arrangements to best effect.

Information such as the location of accident black spots where your vehicles regularly travel, the performance of your drivers, cost and downtime of particular vehicles and the overall cost of repairs are key pieces of information which we will compile for you with a simple dashboard format.

Roadside Repair

Our expert recovery agents are experienced in facilitating repair at the roadside.

Supported by an A rated insurer with worldwide facilities they will get to you quickly and ensure you are back on the road swiftly. Prices are competitive and our response times market leading.


We have established sources to deal with your salvage and can arrange up to three competitive quotes on each vehicle for our customers to choose from.

Fund Management

We are able to manage funds and provide you with a monthly statement showing all payments, payment trends, discounts and savings achieved.

Our team of qualified finance staff is led by a senior accountant.


Other Services

We offer a wide range of services within the group to assist you which include:
Injury Rehabilitation
Triage and interventional rehabilitation to assist your drivers if they are injured and ensure they are back to work as soon as possible.
Acquisition & Disposal
We have mature connections with leading manufacturers and can provide access to our discounts in the sourcing of vehicles. We can also assist with the selling and disposal of vehicles.
Risk Assessment
Our senior qualified staff can assist you in consideration of contracts, health and safety, or risk assessment.
Legal Representation
Legal representation nationally for driving or regulatory offences.

Liaison with your Insurers

We are approved by many insurers for the provision of third party intervention and management of third party claims.

We will work with you and your insurer or broker to integrate our management of your own damage with the processing and management of third party claims.

Our involvement will give you enhanced control over the cost of all incidents and claims associated with your fleet in anticipation of the reduction of your overall spend including reducing your renewal premiums and will help you decide the correct deductible that will suit your fleet.