High-quality, flexible products & services

Lawshield UK are able to provide brokers and insurers with a range of opportunities to distribute insurance ancillary products, including use of a digital sales platform (free of charge and simple to use), simple-to-use or fully branded, bespoke web service, and a quote and buy facility.

All our capacity providers are A-rated. The products are supported by an excellent claims journey and we arrange for prompt payment of claims. The administration behind the claims process is simple to use and fully compliant.

We are a professional organisation that continues to invest in the training and development of our employees. This ensures that we are able to maintain industry knowledge, allowing us to share that knowledge and support with you.

We have also developed strong relationships with underwriting partners in order to bring together a comprehensive range of ancillary products that enhance the main insurance offering, that have competitive rates within the market.

Want to learn more?

Visit our website to see our list of products or use the contact form to obtain rates and our training aid on our Digital Sales Platform (DSP).